Boho Chic-ah!

One of my favorite things to do on the weekend is to go to the market and pick out fresh fruits and vegetables and poke around in the local street shops. On this day, the sun beamed and the wind reminded you that you needed to have on a light layer as you popped in and out of the  shops-  it also gave me a good reason to wear my suede mules and my new bag that I gifted to myself for my birthday!

As I went down the aisle of the marketshops siteseeing, my outfit was perfect for the day. An oversized button down topped off with a shrunken sweater and overly ripped denim; gave off a boho chic vibe-which made for a comfortable outfit for spending this Sunday.

My new bag will be one of my favorite go to’s this season. I can’t wait to show how I style it!!

If you would like to learn about the designer of this gorgeous bag, go to @zealfashion on Instagram to get all the details!💋

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