Cheapies for the win!

Wearing Forever21 red

I stumbled upon the best affordable lipsticks awhile back while shopping in Forever21. I think I was shopping for quick bracelets to style a look and I came across their makeup section—very impressive. In their packaging you can tell that the formula used was of quality. The lipsticks looked creamy and nicely pigmented. I ended up picking up 3 colors- a red, a pink and a nude. What the heck, for less than $3 a pop why not! When I did finally get around to trying I fell in love instantly! The lipsticks applied so well, felt very hydrating and the color payoff was ah-mazee-ing! I remember one night my girlfriend Keisha asked to borrow some lipstick because hers had worn off thoughout our night of partying and after she caught a glimpse of her lips in her compact mirror she immediately asked “what brand is this”?  She LOVED it as well (and Keisha is a Cali hairstylist and beauty guru –critical and not easily impressed–LOL). I immediatly got excited and shared my “secret” find with her. She almost fell out of her seat when she heard the price– or it could’ve been from the drinky dranks… but nevertheless she was impressed. Later on that week, after my first purchase I went back and bought 2 more of the pink and picked up a different shade of red. The only color I could live without was the nude..nudes are hard. On my skin tone and not so pigmented lips, they come off sheer and chalky like-😣 not cute! The only con about the lipsticks are they break easily. So you want to avoid turning the stick up unless you need to. But I must say, F21’s makeup section has won me over and made me a believer! I also do love their makeup wipe removers, and would and will try other products from their makeup line. Unfortunatley I couldn’t find links to the lipsticks I personally own, but I know they are always available in store. Included below are pics of the ones I have purchased. Have you tried any of Forever’s makeup line? What should I try next?

F21 swatches 


Matte Must have: Mac “Lady Danger” πŸ’‹


YSL Perfect Nude Lipstick πŸ’‹

My favorite beauty product is a bomb lipstick. I go from one side of the spectrum to the other…bold and bright or a soft neutral. I am sharing with you one of my favorite nudes by YSL.  It is called the Rouge Volupt’e Shine Oil -in a Stick Lipstick in #44- “Lavalliere Nude”. It goes on sooooo smooth. It is made up with 65% oils, and has a great mango-y smell to it!  Because of its creamy texture it isn’t drying and is suuuper soft which prevents a cakey feel and helps to hydrate your lips. I will say the color payoff is high, and may show up almost white but it is considered  a pink nude. **Iconic Beauty Tip** depending on the pigment in your lips is how your color will show up. I like to add a lip pencil to any lip product I use– I used MAC’s Chestnut, this helped warm the lipstick color up a bit. Personally I feel as though liners finish the look and makes it look a bit more cleaner and defined.  Here are my results from the YSL “Rouge Volupt’e”lippie.

Would you rock this nude? Click here to purchase and see all the other colors available in this awesome lipstick. Let me know if you decide to try out this amazing lippieπŸ’‹