This blog was created because of my love for fashion and styling. The name Zeal not only connects back to my name Azelia (or AZ), but stands for the the passion and excitement that I get from fashion and its inspiration. I view fashion as a form of art that allows one to express themselves through clothing, beauty, and a creative mind. With 20 years in the industry- managing successful retail companies and offering styling services, I have gained the trust and encouragement of others to pursue my love for fashion. I hope that my readers find that this is just what they need to be inspired by the beauty that is found all around and can escape to a place where inpiration can form. Zeal Fashion Connection aims to connect all that falls under the vast umbrella of fashion. Being that I am a working mom, a wife, and as I like to say an “out of the closet” thinker, I may share with you stories and pictures of this crazy balancing act as well! I will challenge myself to share engaging information: visuals, articles, polls, and partnerships with affiliates that I personally support and trust to help connect you to to the best of the best in Fashion and Beauty 💋